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Telekom Montenegro 26.01.2022 – Official commercials for eSignature and eStamp services, set up on the Cloud ID services, have been released on the official YouTube channel of Telekom Montenegro. The videos, although humorous, accurately describe the situations we all face every day if we are still not users of eSignature and eStamp.

How to use eTrust residental services?

How to register a residental services account?

How to register a business services account?

How to use eTrust business services?

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Second-place medal at the Global Security Conference

Cloud ID digital signature platform (branded as eTrust) won second place at the Deutsche Telekom’s Global Security conference. The conference is organized at the level of the entire Deutsche Telekom group, and it pulls together the most innovative ideas from various DT’s branch offices worldwide.

Advertising videos for the eSignature and eStamp released

The user experience of the eService on the eTrust – the platform based on the Cloud ID platform, is further facilitated by detailed video instructions showing how to create and use accounts. You can find them below or on the official YouTube channel of Telekom Montenegro.

Cloud ID services launched into production

At the press conference organized by Telekom Montenegro, it was announced that from October 2021 it is possible to use services of trust such as: eTrust Signature, eTrust Stamp, eTrust Timestamp and eTrust Verification. The product that makes these services available is the result of a successful collaboration between NetSeT Global Solutions and Deutsche Telekom.

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